Business Developer

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A business developer works to increase a company’s performance by growing profits, improving operations, and establishing realistic goals for the company. They are able to work in a variety of industries and are crucial to the success of many new businesses. Business developers are entrepreneurs and analyzers that turn information into new and creative ways to increase a business’ performance. They are also leaders who collaborate with people in all areas of the company to get their feedback and to ensure their strategies are implemented smoothly. Business developers are problem-solvers who find solutions to obstacles that their companies may face. They must also have strong communication and multitasking skills, as well as in-depth industry knowledge.

Business developers are responsible for developing financial and customer satisfaction strategies for the company, conducting research on the relevant industry, and setting up meetings with coworkers and prospective clients. They also promote company products and services, prepare company contracts that adhere to law-established guidelines, and record company sales, revenue, and invoices. A majority of business developers hold at least a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or another business related specialization. Many also work as business development associates before becoming developers. Job growth for business development positions is projected at 8% for the decade ending in 2028.

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