Business Intelligence Analyst

Analyzer & Competitor

Potential salary $95,000

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts are specialists that collect data on market trends and utilize that information to maximize their company’s potential revenue. They are also responsible for finding areas in which a company can reduce expenses. They research their company’s competitors, analyze data, evaluate campaigns and trends, then come up with a new plan of action to report.

Business intelligence analysts are analyzers and competitors. They are goal-driven individuals that want to find the most optimal results for the team as a whole. They should also be good at time management, excellent communicators, tech-savvy, and the best at planning ahead.

It can be quite competitive to become a business intelligence analyst due to the complexities of the role. A bachelor’s degree in business, finance, IT, or a similar field is usually required, and a master’s degree is definitely encouraged. Jobs for business intelligence analysts will grow 21% by 2024.

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