Business Manager

Connector, Entrepreneur & Innovator

Potential salary $130,000

Business Manager

Business managers grow, create, and manage companies and are responsible for facilitating and overseeing financial and strategic partnership decisions. These entrepreneurs, connectors, and innovators can work in almost any industry. They need to be able to lead and work cohesively with a team of employees, as well as innovate new ways to improve the business’ operations and performance. They need strong communication skills to interact with employees and customers, as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills. Business managers often hire and train new employees, and perform regular employee evaluations. They also assist in establishing company goals or objectives and developing business strategies. Managers also ensure companies have sufficient resources such as employees, materials, and equipment. A bachelor’s degree in business will help you jump start your career. Job growth for business management positions is projected at an average of 6% for the decade ending 2028.

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