Call Center Agent

Contributor, Analyzer & Organizer

Potential salary $50,000

Call Center Agent

Call center agents are customer service reps that provide support for particular brands or companies. They are contributors, analyzers and organizers that handle issues efficiently and empathetically.

They typically work at one of two types of call centers: inbound, which are used for customer service questions, tech support, chat support, and email responses; and outbound, which are used for scheduling service appointments, call backs for online price quotes, and surveys like election polling.

Because call center agents frequently handle complaints, they need to be polite, flexible and calm in dealing with potentially unhappy – and unpleasant – customers. They have to be good at multi-tasking and knowledgeable about their company’s products or services to provide the best information and solutions.

Call centers are usually located at sites where agents from different companies work together in the same location. An increasing number of agents work remotely from home. Jobs for all customer service reps are expected to decline -2% by 2029.

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