Chief Branding Officer

Analyzer, Contributor & Leader

Potential salary $500,000

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Chief Branding Officer

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In the modern world, how well a company shows its public face is crucial, just like its stock price or how smoothly its executive board runs. That’s why more and more companies today are hiring executives who specialize in the marketing field — chief branding officers. CBOs work to spread messaging throughout a company and get all parties on the same page about optics, advertising, design, and more. A CBO is responsible for the image of the branding for their product / service and will work for the company by reporting directly to the CEO or board of directors. In order to enhance the company image the CBO will strategize and develop a marketing plan by looking at and analyzing current data and market trends. In doing so they will be able to conjure up solutions with their expertise to help the company successfully sell more of their products and or services. A chief brand officer (CBO) is a relatively new executive-level position at a corporation, company, organization, or agency, which typically reports to the CEO or board of directors and is responsible for a brand’s image, experience, and promise, therefore requiring analytical skills and attention to detail, as well as lots of creativity. Communication skills and adaptability are important in order to fully understand both the company’s message and the desire outcome as they work to form the brands voice and establish the mission in order to elevate the company. This required work needs to be undertaken by someone who is confident to work independently as well as in a team and who can take a leadership role to lead the marketing they deem necessary. Understanding marketing and business skills beforehand is worthwhile, even working in these fields before making the move to officer would be important. Business savvy minds with an understanding of advertising and sales solutions will benefit greatly when applying for a CBO role, therefore entry level positions of marketing / managerial roles or finance would be worthwhile to have. Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not have a separate listing for chief brand officers, it does provide information about marketing managers that can be applied to the chief brand officer occupation, and that is that Marketing managers are expected to see a 9% job growth from 2014 to 2024.

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