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Choreographers are the visionaries behind the dances in many of your favorite music videos. They are creators, entertainers and leaders who create and teach dance routines that evoke ideas and feelings through movement.

Choreographers can work with dance companies or in film, TV, commercials, and theater. They are creative, passionate, and disciplined. They need to be strong leaders who are able to communicate ideas, network, and be good at coaching. Their duties include creating dance routines, instructing dancers on the steps and proper techniques, and directing rehearsals.

They typically work with the director of the project to select music, wardrobe, set design and effects, as well as study storylines to determine how to translate ideas and moods into dance movements. Because choreographers typically need to demonstrate each routine, they must also remain in excellent physical condition and also have a thorough knowledge of dance styles, theory and composition.

Most choreographers are dancers who have many years of experience at their craft. While there are no specific education requirements to become a choreographer, professional dance training and performance experience are essential. However, a degree in dance can provide deeper insight into dance styles, history, dance theory, and teaching methods. Overall employment of dancers and choreographers is projected to 6% by 2029.

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