City Planner

Analyzer, Creator & Innovator

Potential salary $110,000

City Planner

City planners are responsible for taking population, space, and budget into account when suggesting where to build new city infrastructure. They must have years of training in order to balance all the factors at play where city development and mapping is concerned.

City planners determine the best way to use a city’s land and resources. They may help draft legislation, plan the construction of new public housing or buildings, help protect the environment, and suggest zoning regulations for private property. Through careful planning, they will be able to curate communities, accommodate the growth of a town, and rejuvenate the physical facilities in towns and cities for the better.

The person to undertake this job will have an engineering mindset with the ability to problem-solve, they must have the ability to recognize problems and visualize the change. They will be socially aware and work ‘for the people’ as they take responsibility for budgets, laws, and planning for a whole town and its’ future.

Alongside analytical skills too for reports on data such as demographic information or discerning trends in population and health too. Through undergraduate degrees, paired with internships and or apprenticeships they will gain a broad basis from which to then specialize in the desired area, for example, Urban planning or Town planning or Transport Planner. Planning is in the top four most successful degree subjects for finding work after graduation.

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