College Sustainability Coordinator

Innovator, Educator & Humanitarian

Potential salary $72,000

College Sustainability Coordinator

College sustainability coordinators design and oversee programs working toward an environmentally friendly campus. Working with administration, faculty, and student organizations, the coordinator spearheads recycling and renewable energy initiatives. They are innovators, educators and humanitarians who help develop and achieve sustainability goals to reduce impact on the environment.

College sustainability coordinators must be organized, analytical, and passionate. They must also be good at communicating ideas and thinking of innovative ways to solve problems. Their responsibilities include raising awareness of environmental issues on campus, designing and facilitating programs and workshops, creating educational or training materials, and overseeing the implementation of sustainability programs. They also conduct sustainability research, compile relevant data, track progress of implemented programs, and support grant-seeking efforts of management and faculty.

A bachelor’s degree in sustainability, environmental studies, or engineering is generally required, plus professional experience in program coordination and development. Job growth for environmental scientists and specialists is expected to increase 8% between 2018 and 2028.

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