Commercial Model

Entertainer, Contributor & Explorer

Potential salary $62,000

Commercial Model

Commercial models’ images are captured in retail catalogs, advertisements, magazines, and TV commercials to sell specific products or services. They are entertainers, contributors, and explorers that enjoy putting themselves in the shoes of others and imagining the possibilities of adventure.

Flip through any non-fashion magazine to find examples of commercial models. They can be any age, ethnicity, size, shape, or height because their work is meant to connect with the masses. They not only act out real-life situations in commercials and ads but can also be seen at promotional events or on social media.

Most commercial models work part-time, and tend to live in areas like California and New York where reputable modeling agencies are located. Signing with a commission-based model management agency is the best way to book gigs, although it is possible to work as a freelancer. Jobs for this role are expected to decline -6% by 2028.

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