Company President

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Being the president of a company can look many different ways depending on the size and structure of an organization. Whether they’re also the owner, CEO, or second-in-command, being president means your company is large enough to require a board of directors. They are leaders, competitors and entrepreneurs who provide strong leadership and work with board members and other executives to establish short and long-term strategies and plans.

Presidents are responsible for overseeing complete company operations, ensuring goals are met based on strategic plans, and guiding and evaluating the work of staff and other executives. They also analyze budgets and financial reports and look for alliances, mergers, partnerships, and investment opportunities. The person in the role of president must have an entrepreneurial mindset and adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace, as well as be knowledge in tax liabilities, finances and operations.

At least a bachelor’s degree in business administration is generally required (but a master’s may be preferred) plus 8-10 years’ of experience in the industry gained from working up the corporate ladder. Overall employment of top executives is projected to grow 6% from 2018 to 2028.

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