Computer Animator

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Whether for film, television, video games, or advertising, animating these days is a whole lot more malleable and complex than a sketch artist with a flip book. Computer animators are creators, entertainers and contributors who must master a variety of different programs to turn still graphics into leaping, talking, transforming shapes on the screen. As they will usually work on creative teams in the settings described above, animators need to possess meaningful communication skills as they bring ideas to life with respect to a final product. They must also keep in mind many aesthetic factors like lighting, textures and color. Overall, animation is a growing and diversifying field. Eye-catching animation is need everywhere: from local commercials to Pixar to the jumbotrons at sporting events.

As in most fine arts fields, formal education isn’t always a requirement; but a bachelor’s degree in computer animation, graphic design or fine arts can help prospective animators achieve the level of professionalism expected in this industry. Due to an increased demand for more realistic animation in video games, movies, TV, and mobile apps, employment of animators is projected to grow 8% by 2026.

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