Computer Support Specialist

Connector & Contributor

Potential salary $120,000

Computer Support Specialist

When individuals or organizations need help or advice on using their computers, they turn to support specialists. Most computer support specialists help the everyday person who is not already familiar with computers on tasks such as software updates or virus protection.

When you can’t get a program to run and simply restarting the machine isn’t solving the problem, these connectors and contributors are the people who can help you out. A specialist will keep up to date and be understanding of the latest technology advancements. Some—called computer user support specialists—assist companies’ customers, while others—known as computer network support specialists—provide in-house support to an organizations’ information technology (IT) staff.

They can troubleshoot and run diagnostics on computers and software to solve hardware technical issues with their in-depth understanding of computers and of software and programs.

Your career may begin with earning bachelor’s degrees in business, computer science or information systems. It’s estimated that an extra 88,800 computer support specialists will be needed by 2024.

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