Construction Equipment Operator

Contributor, Thrill Seeker & Maker

Potential salary $84,650

Construction Equipment Operator

Construction equipment operators, also called operating engineers, are a type of heavy machine operator that handle loading and excavation machines. They use bulldozers, trench excavators, and industrial trucks or tractors to dig and lift sand, gravel, or earth to construct roads, bridges, and buildings.

They are contributors, thrill-seekers, and makers that have a strong sense of duty and work ethic. They understand that their role is integral to bringing projects to completion and that it is no easy responsibility. They are meticulous, careful, but adventurous spirits. They often work in teams but can work independently if required by a supervisor. They are situationally aware and versed in both technical skill and practical ability.

Construction equipment operators work in nearly every weather condition, and may have irregular schedules because work on construction projects must sometimes continue around the clock or be done late at night or in remote locations. Many receive on the job training with a high school diploma or GED, while others learn through vocational schools or apprenticeships. Jobs for this role are expected to grow 10% by 2028.

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