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Broadly defined, a content creator is anyone who uses self-created media to make a living. We could be talking about podcasters, Twitch live streamers, Instagram influencers, YouTube vloggers, anyone who engages directly and regularly with an audience they’ve cultivated online.

Because the idea of content creation being a career is so new — and is often blurred with traditional careers like journalism, photography, screenwriting and more — it’s tough to outline the rules and standards for the job. What’s more, it’s hard to say where the “job” part actually starts. After all, most content creators start as dedicated and skilled hobbyists who are eventually able to pay themselves through sponsorships and advertising.

It’s an exciting new world that’s largely possible because of social media, but some principles of entertainment still apply. Talk to your audience consistently. Don’t be afraid of self-promotion. Find your voice and then speak in it, a lot.

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