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Potential salary $47,000


Cosmetologists are skilled in a variety of different services in beauty treatment. Their goal is to make you look and feel beautiful by providing services for nails, hair coloring, hair styling, and deeper specialties like hair styling, skincare, cosmetics, non-permanent hair removal, and permanent hair removal processes. After completing a Cosmetology class and gaining experience, most professionals go on to work in a specific area of interest. Cosmetologists are Creators that bring new looks to life in only a matter of hours or minutes! Cosmetologists must have strong interpersonal skills, dexterity, and ingenuity. They must also be creative, positive, and knowledgeable. A cosmetologist’s main responsibilities include providing beauty services, being current and knowledgeable with the latest beauty trends, technology, processes, and products, as well as maintaining their equipment. They also are responsible for clerical duties such as making and canceling appointments, setting their cost per services, and ringing their customers. There is no required degree to become a cosmetologist, but they must be licensed in the United States. Job growth is projected at 8% for cosmetologists between 2018 and 2028.

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