Critical Care Nurse

Healer, Thrill Seeker & Contributor

Potential salary $155,000

Critical Care Nurse

Nursing is a field that never runs out of need – and critical care nursing is, well, critical. These registered nurses (RNs) work in emergency rooms, intensive care units (ICUs) and burn centers, treating and stabilizing patients while preparing them to see doctors and surgeons. They are healers, contributors and thrill seekers who provide advanced nursing care in extremely high pressure situations.

As with any critical care position, critical care nurses need to be able to work quickly, thoroughly, and calmly under pressure. They must be reactive, analytical, and empathetic. They must also be efficient problem-solvers, effective decision makers, and strong communicators who are familiar with medical and information retrieval software and know how to operate equipment like imaging systems.

Critical care nurses need a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BNS) degree and to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), as well as achieve state licensure. Available jobs for registered nurses are projected to grow 7% by 2029.

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