Contributor & Organizer

Potential salary $67,000


Custodians are responsible for maintaining institutions like schools and hospitals, keeping them clean and in good condition. They are contributors and organizers who make sure we’re able to learn or get medical care in a sanitary, safe environment.

Their duties vary depending on the establishment, but general tasks include cleaning floors, windows, walls and surfaces, taking out garbage, and ordering and stocking cleaning supplies. They also may make minor electrical and plumbing repairs and help set up and break down for assemblies, meetings and events. Custodians need to know how to use many types of tools and equipment, be knowledgable on health and safety protocol, and have physical stamina and strength.

Custodians generally learn necessary skills through on-the-job training, but some college education or a bachelor’s degree is recommended for supervisory positions in larger medical or educational institutions. Jobs for this role are expected to grow 4% by 2029.

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