Cyber Security Analyst

Analyzer, Contributor & Innovator

Potential salary $300,000

Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber (or Information) Security Analysts ensure the protection of highly sensitive data for corporations, individuals, and the government. Cyber security is an increasingly important and in-demand position as everything becomes digital. These analysts are the guardians and gatekeepers of proprietary information, and must keep out cyber criminals looking to breach security. This is a complex and fast-paced environment, due to the nature of this jobs it takes someone who can stay calm and steady dring intense periods where they will need to work in a timely fashion to stop cyber attacks. A CSA is always learning and educating himself as this role is ever evolving in its technology advances, therefore they will have a well rounded skill set and also deeper knowledge for special areas enabling the security experts to branch out further and prevent attacks. The analyst’s role in adding perspective, context, and depth to a security issue to make better judgments and quick choices on how to execute the best security measures to shield an organization’s computer systems and networks from infiltration. Career opportunities for a CSA are anticipated to grow by 28 percent by 2026 which is quicker than average.

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