Digital Asset Manager

Organizer, Contributor & Analyzer

Potential salary $135,900

Digital Asset Manager

Digital asset managers help companies keep their digital assets – from photos and videos to blog posts – organized and well-archived. They manage not only digital assets and their associated technologies, but also how employees and the public can access, use and interact with them. They are organizers, contributors, and analyzers that are always in-the-loop about the latest changes in technology and how to make systems more efficient.

Digital asset managers perform data entry, archive and catalog assets, create efficient file naming and storage practices, and both use digital asset management platforms as well as make them more accessible and easy to use for others. They are fiercely efficient and can work both independently and in a team setting.

Becoming a digital asset manager requires an extensive knowledge of technology and computer programming. A bachelor’s degree in information science, computer science, or a similar field is recommended. Jobs for this role are expected to grow 8% by 2028.

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