Digital Hospital Logistics

Organizer, Contributor & Analyzer

Potential salary $120,000

Digital Hospital Logistics

As billions are being invested in new hospitals worldwide, it’s a great time to address the need for better supply chain management, which can cut supply costs by over 17% for the average hospital. Implementing a digital supply network (DSN) is one way that hospitals and health systems can move towards a digital transformation that both cuts costs and enables seamless, integrated health care. When a DSN is coupled with innovations like blockchain, machine learning, process automation, and data analytics, health care providers can collapse the traditional linear supply chain and create a smarter, faster, and more responsive digital supply network.

Medical logistics specialists are qualified health professionals who focus on procurement, distribution and life cycle management of all required medical supplies in a hospital supply chain. Digital hospital logistics managers are organizers, contributors and analyzers who use a digital supply network to plan and track the movement of products. They manage logistical functions, such as procurement, inventory management, and other supply chain planning and management systems. Being super tech-savvy is crucial, as well as being strategic, organized, and analytical.

Due to the complexity of systems and supply chains, a bachelor’s degree in business, supply chain management, or systems engineering is preferred. Job growth for logisticians is projected at 7% by 2026.

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