Digital Librarian

Contributor & Organizer

Potential salary $102,000

Digital Librarian

Digital librarians are archivists who manage extensive online collections of all kinds. They can work for public libraries, museums, universities, or any other institution that maintains records and information for sharing with the public. They are organizers and contributors whose work allows the public to access materials they never would have been able to without the internet.

Much like a traditional librarian, digital librarians are responsible for the selection, acquisition, organization, accessibility and preservation of a collection. They oversee all aspects of managing the library or collection website, set up databases and information systems to catalogue and access information, and maintain accurate records. They also ensure that all information shared with the public is properly licensed, especially pieces that are donated or on loan.

As many libraries and collections begin to migrate online to make more information available to the public, the need for digital librarians will continue to grow. Digital librarians often have a master’s degree in library science, information science, or even fine art. Jobs for archivists is projected to grow 11% by 2029.

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