Digital Media Manager

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Digital Media Managers are specialists that oversee a company’s digital content. They manage digital marketing and advertising campaigns as well as facilitate communications across multiple departments like production and sales. They assess SEO configurations so that when you search for something, you can find their content in a flash. They are the ones who know the ins-and-outs of the brand’s core values and help translate those values into a voice that audiences can relate to. Digital Media Managers are connectors and contributors that can navigate behind-the-scenes logistics while still putting themselves in the shoes of the consumer. They are natural leaders that work with teams of any size to make sure all tasks bring their company closer to the goal. If you follow a favorite brand account on social media, you probably have a Digital Media Manager to thank.

Becoming a Digital Media Manager requires a moderate amount of studying so an eagerness to learn is essential. They are responsible for identifying data trends that will help increase readership or viewership for their company’s platforms. Digital Media Managers tend to be tech-savvy individuals, and some even know how to code or graphic design depending on what their company needs. In a constantly shifting world, they are adaptable, flexible, and confident decision-makers that work well under pressure to meet deadlines. Jobs for Digital Media Managers can be found for most companies today, but are somewhat competitive. The job market for Digital Media Managers is expected to grow 8% by 2028.

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