Director of Sales

Competitor, Leader & Organizer

Potential salary $185,000

Director of Sales

Sales directors are crucial executives at any large company with a product to sell and a bottom line. These executives craft and lay down the leadership for executing large-scale business plans. A sales director is adept at both financial research and communication, as they must be aware of both the market in which they operate and how to convince board members and salespeople their plan is the right one. They may also handle the relations with their company’s most important clients.

Responsibilities include developing key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans. Successful execution of these strategies is required to achieve financial targets such as hitting annual targets, building relationships and understanding customer trends. Responsibilities include developing key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans with the successful execution of these strategies needed to achieve the financial targets set.

A good director of sales will have the ability to forecast effectively to steer the sales objectives of their team. They must have active listening skills with emotional intelligence as they align sales structure and strategy in order to best forward the company. It is their job to lead and manage the operational elements of sales, not to actually sell. Prior experience in sales for whichever industry that might be is very helpful in order to understand the market in depth.

Having prior in-depth knowledge will give them gravitas and understanding to guide their team and successfully reach the targets set. Employment is projected to grow 5 percent from 2018 to 2028, about as fast as the average for all occupations. The employment growth of these managers will depend primarily on growth or contraction in the industries that employ them.

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