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A DJ – short for ‘disk jockey’ – creates song mixes for audiences at clubs, events, and much more. From mixing on live radio to touring and performing with other artists, DJs are entertainers, connectors and creators who genuinely love making people have a good time.

Many consider DJs to be performers and musical artists in their own right, and the most well-known ones have their own signature style or technique, create remixes for tracks, or even produce. While some still use vinyl records, most DJs tend to use a combination of hardware and software to mix and sample music digitally using techniques like beat and phrase matching. Turntablists use the turntable like an instrument to scratch records and create new music from existing recordings.

Education requirements vary depending on what kind of DJ you want to be. Because they also conduct interviews and report news, radio DJs typically have a degree in broadcast journalism or communications. For playing at events, you can teach yourself, take courses at a music or DJ school, or be lucky enough to be taken under an experience DJ’s wing. Jobs for DJs are expected to have little to no change over the next decade.



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