Dog Trainer

Entrepreneur, Healer & Leader

Potential salary $57,000

Dog Trainer

Dog Trainers take on the responsibility of improving and training the behaviors of dogs by evaluating their temperament and understanding their disposition to help a dog owner enforce good behavior. Trainers use their skills and love for dogs to help families keep their furry friends safe and happy. Dog trainers are Healers and Leaders that use their work to improve the lives of others, especially when working with service animals. Dog trainers must be patient, confident, and good communicators. They must also be passionate about dogs and adaptable to various personalities. Some of their main responsibilities include teaching dogs to obey basic commands using multiple techniques, developing training plans, and recording training progress. They also consult with behavioral concerns with the clients, identify additional behavioral concerns, and schedule training appointments with owners and their dogs. Dog trainers are typically required to have completed a high school degree or equivalent and a certification course. While job growth for dog trainers is relatively low, positions for service dog trainers are expected to grow 13% over the next decade ending 2028.

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