Driving Instructor

Educator, Leader & Connector

Potential salary $83,000

Driving Instructor

Driving instructors help people learn how to operate vehicles and safely take control of their own navigation. They are educators, leaders, and connectors that are highly observant, encouraging and have a keen sense of awareness on and off the road.

They are able to clearly communicate driving techniques and theory. They are also able to manage the anxieties of their students by providing positive feedback and correcting bad habits. They provide classroom instruction and can quickly help navigate tough situations when this learning is applied to real-life situations.

Although training requirements vary by state, becoming a driving instructor usually requires having at least a high school diploma or GED plus completing 30 hours of classroom training. Candidates will also need to hold a valid driver’s license for at least two years before becoming an instructor, and must pass a vision, written and road-sign test before applying for state licensure. Instructors who wish to work at public schools may also require a teaching license. Job opportunities for this role are expected to remain about the same until 2028.

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