Educational Technology Specialist

Educator, Analyzer & Innovator

Potential salary $82,000

Educational Technology Specialist

Educational technology specialists, also called EdTech or instructional technology specialists, collaborate with teachers and school administration to facilitate the use of technology in classrooms. They are educators, analyzers and innovators who use technology to impact learning in future generations.

EdTech specialists design curriculum, source or create new technologies to be used in classroom instruction, implement and maintain computer networks and technology-based learning hardware and applications, and train teachers and students on using computer applications. They need to be organized, analytical, and effective teachers with proficiency in technology, computer programs, and database/programming languages. Continuing education to stay current in emerging tech and software is also required.

These specialists typically have a master’s degree in educational technology, computer science, instructional design or a related subject; some employers may also require a teaching certificate depending on the position. Currently, job growth for all instructional coordinators is expected to increase 6% between 2018 and 2028 – but as the use of technology in schools continues to increase, educational technology specialists are going to be in even higher demand.

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