Entertainment Lawyer

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Entertainment lawyers provide legal counsel on contracts, intellectual property rights, and other legal issues in the film, television, music, and gaming industries. They are connectors, competitors, and analyzers who often work at law firms or as in-house counsel at entertainment companies.

Attorneys must be analytical, organized, skilled negotiators, and have strong writing and speaking skills.  Their duties generally include handling either transactional work or litigation, and they often specialize in a particular entertainment field. They facilitate negotiations, draft and review contracts, and protect clients’ intellectual property. They may also assist clients in business dealings, connect them with other service providers like agents or tax preparers, and show them ways to maximize their earnings or help them manage their finances.

Entertainment law is an incredibly competitive field, with the most opportunities centered around entertainment hubs like New York, Los Angeles, or Nashville. Obtaining a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree and passing a state’s written bar examination are requirements in order to practice. Job growth for lawyers is projected at an average 6% over the next decade ending in 2028.

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