Entertainment Manager

Organizer, Connector & Entertainer

Potential salary $125,000

Entertainment Manager

Entertainment managers are behind some of the world’s largest events. Entertainment managers are in charge of managing events, artists, and other performances. They act as a liaison between entertainers and businesses working to book entertainers, negotiating contracts and more. Entertainment managers are Organizers and Connectors that use their skills to bring some of the best forms of entertainment to audiences. Entertainment managers must be good communicators, networkers, and leaders. They must also be strong problem-solvers, multitaskers, and time-managers. Some of their responsibilities include, booking venues and performers, negotiating contracts, and working with agents. They also manage budgets, handle publicity, and managing the events themselves. Entertainment managers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in business or in entertainment management, since much of their job includes tasks related to marketing, accounting, public relations, and more. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth for related careers is projected at 8% for the decade ending in 2028

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