Environmental Accountant

Contributor & Innovator

Potential salary $140,000

Environmental Accountant

Environmental accounting is all about calculating and analyzing an organization’s finances with regard to the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency, nonprofits, international bodies and private companies hire this type of accountant to do jobs such as calculating the cost of designing and using cleaner products, or to calculate a product’s impact on the waste streams (oil, chemical, etc.). The roles of an EA has become increasingly more popular and also more necessary in recent years with the spotlight on environmental awareness especially with the corporate world. The responsibilities can range from making policies to calculating how much an organization will spend in implementing such policies and complying with regulations. An environmental accountant can help save the environment and save the company money based on their recommendations within a company, and for looking towards and policies and compliance with regulations, for example recommending alternative chemicals, processes or product designs. They will therefore have brilliant accounting skills as well as passion for the environment as this will be a drive to deliver. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that accounting jobs will grow at a rate of 8-14%, and this growth will add 544,200 jobs by 2022.

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