Environmental Protection Specialist

Explorer & Humanitarian

Potential salary $180,000

Environmental Protection Specialist

Implement and reinforce environmental standards by overseeing both individuals and organizations. Through inspections and review, specialists can confirm whether a business is operating within environmental guidelines. There are many facets to this position, ranging from research and collection, to advisement and response. Environmental Protectionists demonstrate humanitarian qualities, aiming to better the world through their environmental protections. Those who wish to succeed as an environmental protection specialists must be critical thinkers, socially perceptive, and have strong reading and writing comprehension skills. An environmental protection specialist’s responsibilities often include gathering water, air, food samples and more to be analyzed. They also examine legal permits and investigate any suspected violations of such permits. Their duties also include writing reports of their analyzed data and advising on environmental policy and law. Environmental Protection Specialists usually hold a Bachelor’s of Science or a Master’s degree for higher level positions. Job growth for this position is projected just above average at 8% for the decade ending in 2028.

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