ESL Teacher

ESL teachers, or English as a Second Language teachers, have the challenging, yet rewarding job of teaching students who are not yet proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English. They can teach elementary, middle, or high school students in private or public schools. With increased immigration over the past few decades, this job is increasing in available employment and will only require more and more people prepared to take on an important role in many students’ lives. There are often many opportunities to teach english overseas in a wide range of countries. ESL teachers are often those who are sociable and who are dedicated to helping others. They must have strong written and verbal communication skills, organizational skills, as well as patience. ESL Teachers must draft lesson plans, help with students’ pronunciation and use of the English Language, evaluate students on their learning, and ensure students learn the required curriculum. Your career may begin with a bachelor’s degree in teaching English Second Language, or education/ teaching. Many states also require potential ESL teachers to complete a series of exams on their teaching style/ability. Although ESL teachers do not require a second language, it can be advantageous when applying for jobs. U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest a decline in job growth for this position over the next decade.

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