Esports Commentator

Connector, Entertainer & Leader

Potential salary $115,000

Esports Commentator

There are numerous parallels between the worlds of traditional sports and esports, and the need for compelling and insightful broadcasters is one of them. The Al Michaels and Erin Andrews of the former are analogous to a new generation of talented young commentators who host and broadcast live esports events in the digital space. They need to have an expert’s grasp on the action — enough to contextualize it for an audience, interview players, and set up the interesting storylines surrounding a competition. Most commonly, esport commentators will work in organized multiplayer video game competitions for professional players playing for prize money. Knowledge is a huge factor for this job as the commentator will need to understand and know extensively the teams, players, levels, and of the game’s history itself. In doing this you will be able to provide a detailed account of the game at hand and maybe even offer nuances with tips and hints. The commentator provides entertainment to the games’ watcher so will have a sense of humor alongside that knowledge and be quick witted. To provide entertainment like this and to engage with the live audience either before during or after a match will of course take confidence and an eagerness, creating hype and anticipation as well as useful background knowledge. You could also be sharing your own opinions and predictions thus creating more interest for the audience. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, employment of gaming services workers is projected to grow 5 percent from 2018 to 2028, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

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