Esports Coordinator

Connector & Organizer

Potential salary $84,000

Esports Coordinator

For the infrastructure of the esports world to meet its booming demand for competition and entertainment, someone has to organize, host and vet gaming events – which can attract thousands of fans in person and millions more online. Whether for massive game developers, minor leagues, or at the college level, esports coordinators are primarily concerned with gaming communities and the logistics of bringing them together around the video game titles they love. They are organizers and connectors who help develop events that bring people together from all around the world.

Esports coordinators must be skilled communicators, efficient multitaskers, and extremely organized. They should also be passionate gamers! In addition to developing esports programming and overseeing events, they write marketing announcements, obtain proper licensing, and track interaction and success of events.

Since esports coordinator is a relatively new job, there is no required degree. However, many employers look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in recreation, sports management or computer science plus experience in the gaming industry. Esports positions will likely grow as esports tournaments gain more of the public’s attention.

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