Executive Events Producer

Creator & Connector

Potential salary $100,000

Executive Events Producer

An executive events producer is the head producer who oversees the creation of a film, television show, radio, music album, or theater event. An executive events producer usually works for a production company, but may have his or her own production company. Job locations can vary from inside a studio or to exotic filming locations. Executive events producers work on the business side of production and are responsible for seeing a production through from beginning to end. They ensure that a production meets goals such as helping a brand remain competitive, projecting the intended brand image of a company, and introducing new concepts or ideas. There are no specific education requirements for an executive events producer. Many executive events producers advance into the position after working within the industry. A bachelor’s degree in music management, communications, or journalism may provide an aspiring executive producer with a helpful background. An executive events producer ensures that a project stays on schedule and within budget, assists in the hiring and termination of team members brought on to complete that project, and offers the final word of approval on the finished product. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that producers and directors held about 152,400 jobs in 2018, with a projected employment growth of 5% between 2018 and 2028, which is as fast as average compared to other jobs during this same time period. Executive events producers made a median annual salary of $95,398 as reported in September 2019.

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