Facilities Director


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Facilities Director

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Facilities directors keep large houses of business in order. After all, an office or workshop isn’t going to run smoothly without lighting, planning, organization and safe and secure grounds. These directors’ responsibilities can range from actual construction, to maintenance, and to making sure a facility is up to code. Facility directors work toward making all aspects of a building/ facility run smoothly, to ensure everyone has the potential to make the most of their environment. They are great multitaskers, communicators, and problem-solvers. Facility directors also often have strong project-management knowledge, and are very organized. They’re duties include managing landscaping, overseeing building repairs/ renovations, and ordering supplies for the organization. They also manage teams of personnel such as repairmen, landscapers, and supply managers. Facility Directors also oversee the budgets for all building repairs, maintenance, and upkeep. Most Facility directors will hold at least an associates degree and perhaps a bachelor’s degree in facility management. Facility director jobs are projected to grow 10% through 2026.

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