Family Counselor

Analyzer & Healer

Potential salary $120,000

Family Counselor

As opposed to seeing single clients, family counselors take on the task of working through the issues of families and couples. They are analyzers and healers that help repair relationships between family members to try and improve domestic life.

Because they treat mental and emotional disorders and deal with intense problems, the ability to handle stress is extremely important in this field. Family counselors need to be active listeners, excellent communicators, analytical and organized. Their responsibilities include diagnosing mental and emotional disorders, creating treatment plans, and working with patients to help them reach their goals. They also educate patients on healthy coping mechanisms, record patient progress, and refer patients to specialists as needed.

Family counselors are required to have completed a master’s degree in counseling and a license to practice, plus clinical training and a minimum of 2 years of supervised practical experience. Marriage and family counselor job growth is projected at 22% for the decade ending in 2028, much faster than the overage for all occupations.

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