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Fashion bloggers update their readers on the latest fashion trends, new releases, and promote other brands on their platform. They are business-savvy men and women who live their lives documenting and evaluating what is stylish and current in the fashion world. Fashion bloggers write to entertain, enlighten, and dazzle. They are connectors, and entrepreneurs that develop and share their ideas through writing Fashion Bloggers are passionate, strong writers, and have considerable knowledge of the industry. Fashion Bloggers must develop post ideas, conduct research on their topic, and write and proof-read the posts. Additionally, they must find or take photos to complement the post, and if they work for a blogging company they must report to their superiors. A bachelor’s degree in English or communications can be helpful when applying for jobs or kick starting a career working for yourself in this industry. The amount of positions for this job is projected to stay the same over the next decade.

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