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Filmmakers are film directors or producers who create motion pictures we can watch and engage with again and again. They are entertainers, creators, and leaders that are passionate about storytelling. They understand both the logistics it takes to create a film as well as the emotional responses that audiences will have consuming the content.

Filmmakers are unique and distinct from one another as no one’s style is exactly the same as another’s, but they all need to have incredible attention to detail and possess multiple skills at once. Some enjoy pre-production, such as budgeting and screenwriting, more than they do post-production, which is more editing and mastering. They need to adapt quickly to situations and build worlds with whatever resources are available.

To become a filmmaker, you can attain a bachelor’s degree in film studies or a similar field. Attending film school is another option that is more time-intensive and specialized, but not completely necessary depending on your personal goals as a filmmaker. Jobs for film directors and producers are expected to grow 5% by 2028.

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