Financial Analyst

Analyzer, Connector & Competitor

Potential salary $157,000

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts inform investment decisions for businesses and individuals by forecasting industry or economic conditions. They are analyzers, connectors and competitors that analyze fiscal data to help their clients make informed financial decisions.

Besides recommending investments and investment timing to clients, they also use financial analysis to develop business plans and financial models. They evaluate and compare the relative quality of various securities in a given industry and help determine the value of goods or services, as well as present reports on general economic trends, individual corporations, and entire industries.

Financial analysts often work long hours for financial institutions, corporations, insurance groups and securities companies, and may travel frequently to visit clients. They are usually based at large institutions in New York or other major financial centers. Financial analysts can begin their career by getting a bachelor’s degree in finance, but many go on to earn an MBA. Jobs for this role are projected to grow 5% by 2029.

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