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From rural towns all the way to New York City, there can be a lot of variance in terms of where firefighters go to work (and how much they’re paid.) But the main goal is always the same: be ready to respond in emergency and rescue situations and increase public awareness of fire safety. Firefighters are one of the best examples of a Humanitarian, often risking their lives for others almost on a daily basis. Firefighters must be decisive thinkers, problem-solvers, and courageous. They must also be in good physical shape, knowledgeable of First Aid, and excellent communicators. Some of the firefighter’s responsibilities include managing and extinguishing forest and building fires, analyzing fire scenes, rescue trapped victims in a fire, and coordinating with police and ambulance services. They also must give First Aid in emergency situations, inspect and implement safety regulations in commercial and residential properties. Additionally, they remove debris from fire scenes, monitor vehicles, and water supply, as well as provide detailed reports of all incidents. Firefighters must complete a high school diploma or equivalent, a physical evaluation, and First Aid training (EMT). Firefighting positions are expected to grow by 5% by 2028.

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