Fit Model

Analyzer & Contributor

Potential salary $89,499

Fit Model

Fit models try on garments to help apparel designers create accurate sizes and shapes. They act as live mannequins and usually spend a lot of time standing or on their feet. They give honest feedback on the look and feel of clothing so that a final product can appeal to a wider range of customers. They are analyzers and contributors that have strong communication skills and enjoy networking. They usually have an interest in fashion and fitness.

These models are chosen based on their body measurements fitting the designer’s target market and their ability to give precise and insightful feedback. Designers or manufacturers tend to stick with the same model for a long time so as to maintain consistency in their clothing’s fit, so it’s important to be able to build and maintain those relationships.

From petite to plus size, fit models need to work rigorously to maintain their same measurements day after day. They’re rewarded for their efforts by being very well-compensated, making upwards of $200-400 an hour. Most employers only have a minimum educational requirement of a high school diploma or GED. Jobs for this role are expected to decline -6% by 2028.

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