Flight Attendant

Explorer & Contributor

Potential salary $110,000

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are members of the cabin crew aboard all commercial flights. They get to travel and visit countries they’ve never been to before, so this career is perfect for explorers and contributors who want to make a living while seeing the world.

Their main responsibility is helping passengers in the event of an emergency. They demonstrate the use of safety equipment, ensure compliance with federal and airline regulations, make sure the flight deck is secure, and direct evacuations. Flight attendants also take care of passengers’ needs, from serving food and beverages to providing reassurance during turbulence.

A high school diploma is required to become a flight attendant, but airlines may prefer candidates with a college degree. All flight attendants need customer service experience and a certification through the Federal Aviation Administration. Those working on international flights may also need to be proficient in one or more foreign languages. Jobs are expected to grow very fast at 17% by 2029, driven by airlines continuing to replace smaller aircraft with new planes that can accommodate larger numbers of passengers.

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