Floral Designer

Creator & Maker

Potential salary $81,000

Floral Designer

Those beautiful bouquets and arrangements you see at weddings are hand-crafted by creative and talented floral designers. They are creators and makers that design floral arrangements for a variety of situations and environments.

Floral designers must be strong communicators, creative, detail-oriented. They cut and arrange both real and artificial flowers and foliage for decor, gifts, and special events. Some of their responsibilities include consulting with clients on their needs and budget and creating floral arrangements to their liking. They also must order flowers and supplies through wholesalers, design in-store displays, and teach customers how to care for their flowers and indoor plants.

Floral designers can work in independent shops, in the floral department at retail stores, or on a contract basis. There is no required degree, and many floral designers start their career through on-the-job training. Jobs for this role are predicted to decline about -20% over the next decade.

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