Food Critic

Analyzer & Connector

Potential salary $94,000

Food Critic

Food or restaurant critics enjoy a career blend of journalism and many great meals. These connectors and analyzers use their voices to bring light to some of the best (and worst) places to eat all over the world.

Food critics are writers who provide engaging and informative restaurant reviews to newspapers, magazines, travel guides, or for television. To avoid favorable treatment and write objectively, they often discreetly eat at restaurants while taking note of food taste and presentation, service and staff, and their overall experience.

They must be knowledgeable when it comes to different types of cuisine, culinary techniques, and food presentation standards, as well as have a flair for creative writing to capture readers’ attention and interests. Food critics must be impartial, ethical, and discrete, as well as have good time management skills for juggling multiple copy projects simultaneously.

While it’s definitely possible to become a food critic without a degree, many choose to complete a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications to prepare them for a career in writing and interviewing. Job growth is projected at 8% for all writers and journalists over the decade ending in 2026.

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