Furniture Sales Associate

Competitor & Connector

Potential salary $68,000

Furniture Sales Associate

Anyone can go to Target or IKEA, pick a piece of furniture, take it home, and hope for the best on self-assembly. But when people are starting to decorate their homes for the first time or want to commit to an aesthetic that will define their living space for years, they’ll want assurance and help from a Furniture Sales Associate. Part sales and interior decorator who work in furniture specialty stores, this type of associate need to have a passion for the look of a room and understand what shapes, sizes and textures meet a customer’s needs. The required elements of this job include fast-paced, friendly customer service, knowledge of brands and builds, and a keen ability to sell. Furniture sales associates are Connectors and Competitors that are always working with others and vying for the best deal. Sales associates must have strong interpersonal skills, persuasiveness, and a great amount of industry knowledge. They must also be creative, empathetic, and strong communicators. Furniture sales associate’s main responsibilities include interacting with customers, finding what best suits their needs, conducting market research, and preparing sales slips. They may also arrange deliveries, as well as coordinating floor plans, accessories, and color schemes. A degree is not always required to become a furniture sales associate although an Associate Degree related to Industrial Design, Visual Merchandising or Business Sales is recommended. Positions as a retail sales associates is expected to decline around 2% by 2028.

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