General Nurse Practitioner

Educator, Healer & Leader

Potential salary $121,000

General Nurse Practitioner

A Nurse Practitioner is an advanced practice Registered Nurse (RN), who provides health care services similar to a physician. Due to their specialized education and training, they are able to consult, diagnose, and prescribe medication. They are educators, healers, and leaders who are committed to providing care and education to their patients, as well as supporting physicians.

Whether working with staff or patients, strong communication skills and compassion are key, as well as critical thinking when analyzing charts and diagnosing patients. Teamwork, as well as the ability to work independently, are both important, as this job can be conducted as part of a team under the leadership of a physician, or even practiced independently in some states. Nurse Practitioners examine and treat patients, prepare and update health records and charts, collaborate with physicians on diagnosis and patient care, write prescriptions, and educate patients and families on illness and treatment.

They generally have a specialization in a certain field, such as pediatrics, midwifery, and anesthesiology. While states have different requirements, most NPs begin their careers as registered nurses (RN) and then go on to earn an advanced degree and take a national certification exam. This is a very in-demand position, with jobs expected to increase by 31% through 2024.

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