Graphic Artist / Designer

Creator, Entertainer, Innovator & Maker

Potential salary $500,000

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Graphic Artist / Designer

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Graphic designers are essential to developing, creating and enhancing all visual aspects of a company’s presence. They will carefully create and curate all materials in both print and/or digital format that will be used for the clients needs. A graphic designers purpose is to use their work to inspire, inform and captivate customers which may come in one of these many forms: typography, branding, packaging, web design, print layout, advertisements, email design and more. They are able to create or fortify an existing identity for the client, and in doing so will curate their presence for marketing and advertising needs. A graphic designer can work in varying mediums eg by hand or software. and areas but which ver it might be In order to do this they are well versed in their chosen area (where they might specialize), as well as aware of market trends and fashions which can be utilized to the clients advantage. Creativity in a must and natural talent is very helpful with an eye for design, aesthetics, and for detail in order to see opportunity. Good design comes with natural flare and also lots of experience and a solid set of skills. Dedication to design and passion for creating is important to stay motivated and be at the forefront of their craft. A designer must be able to take feedback and criticism as design can be subjective and the designer must work to please the client and satisfy their needs first and foremost, all whilst ensuring their work is at the highest standard. They maybe be required to create presentations to showcase work so communication is needed and confidence also. Seeing a project from idea through to completion means they’ll often have to be a part of each and every stage, presenting the work as they go and applying feedback from the client – eventually steering the project to a successful execution. It can take up to 4 years to take a formal graphic design degree with many people also coupling it with a foundation art year beforehand. Once the degree is finished the designer must work to collate a portfolio which they’ll to over the years. An online presence is now very important due to social media and online portfolio portals such as Bechance whereby future clients go to browse the work of graphic designers.

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