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Potential salary $32,170


Hairstylists take on dozens or even hundreds of clients each week with the task of perfecting each person’s hair. Whether they work out of a salon, barbershops, their own home, or travel to their clients’ homes, they have to meet everyone’s individual wishes and styles. Most hairstylists are trained through some form of styling school or hair institute, but it is also possible to learn through apprenticeships. A hairstylist is a Creator that uses their skills and knowledge to transform people’s appearances within a matter of minutes. Hairstylists must be creative, observant, and patient. They must also be detail-oriented, strong-communicators, and practice good salesmanship. A hairstylist’s responsibilities include discussing the client’s wishes, preparing hair for styling (i.e. conditioning and shampooing), and cutting and styling hair. They also maintain a stock of supplies and order new ones when running low, sell hair products to customers, and oversee various clerical duties. Hairstylists are often required to have completed a high school degree or equivalent, as well as an Associate Degree in Cosmetology. Projected growth for hairstylists is projected at 13% between 2018 and 2028.

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