Health Entrepreneur

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Health entrepreneurs integrate technology and business solutions to create value in digital health products or services and innovate patient care-delivery. They are entrepreneurs, innovators and humanitarians working at the intersection of healthcare, technology and business to tackle challenges from upgrading medical infrastructure and enhancing patient treatments to creating a digital revolution in medicine.

Like any other entrepreneur, health entrepreneurs face many hurdles in establishing their company – from finding investment to fierce competition. Innovation and staying ahead of trends and technological advancements in healthcare is key. They need a deep level of empathy and passion for building a better world, as well as the business acumen, leadership and problem-solving skills to pull it off.

Most health entrepreneurs have a professional degree or a strong background in medical sales. Health entrepreneurship, particularly in the area of digital health, has exploded – and while there’s not much exact data yet, many are foraying into this field to both earn profits as well as give back to society.

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